2nd In-Service Class 0f 2023 (Chinese)

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Welcome to the 2nd In-Service Class of 2023!

Please study and review the PowerPoints/PDFs, download and read the company policies, complete the final quiz and submit the course completion form shown on the final lesson screen.  After you are done with the course, a notification will be sent to your course instructor at X-Treme Care or Xtreme Home Care for final documentation.

Please note: You will not be able to skip or advance to the next lesson until you have finished the previous lesson. All videos should be watched entirely. You are free to rewind and fast forward using the video controls displayed. However, you will not be able advance to the next lesson until the time length of the video has surpassed. The system will save all of your course progress on your account. There are no time limits to the in-service course materials, so you can log in and return to the course to complete it at any time prior to the published deadlines.